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Jorge Castañeda Plays "Yo Quiero Volar"


Jorge Castañeda is a highly accomplished classical and flamenco guitarist residing in Jerez, Spain. He has performed globally including at the numerous international guitar festivals he has been invited to and has also performed as a soloist with multiple Symphony Orchestras and with the National Symphony Orchestra of Peru. Jorge is a regular performer in well known Flamenco venues in Spain and has had the pleasure of playing with numerous aclaimed musicians of the Flamenco world.

With his doctorate in music and endless amount of knowledge in Classical and Flamenco guitar, Jorge also shares his knowledge with a passion for teaching all that has been passed onto him from his masters. He is not only a fantastic performer but is just as known for his teachings. He dedicates a lot his time running workshops and has a limited group of dedicated online students he takes on every year. Once a year he also takes students from around the world to Jerez de la Frontera for a one of a kind masterclass. The difference being he throws them into authentic flamenco situations where you have to either sink or swim. He offeres a very authentic & unique way of learning flamenco, especially for those from outside of Spain.


Latest News & Upcoming Events

Jorge Castañeda is coming to Sydney, Australia for the first time in January 2016!
He will be available for private Flamenco lessons and will be running an exclusive Flamenco guitar workshop.
Please contact for more information.

An Interview with Jorge Castañeda about Flamenco and Jerez

A detailed biography of Jorge Castañeda

Private Flamenco Lessons and Workshops

Jorge is avaialble for private Flamenco guitar lessons either in person in Jerez or worldwide via video Skype calls.
Please contact for details and availability.


Contact Details

Jorge is based in Jerez, Spain but travels world wide to perform at concerts and teach flamenco workshops.

Please use the the contact form to get in touch or to request any further information.